Chinta Ria

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Chinta Ria, Restaurant Cockle Bay SydneyChinta Ria, Restaurant Cockle Bay Sydney

Chinta Ria, temple of love. A sizable smirking budda greets newcomers at the entrance to this gorgeously airy top-floor space, reminiscent of a Buddist temple. Always busy, the intoxicating buzz is warmed with the aromas of incense and eastern cooking. And then of course there is the abundance of unique dishes which will never disappoint...

Hawker-style Malasian & Modern Asian
On the Roof Terrace of Cockle Bay Wharf, next to teh Prymont footbridge entrance. 201 Sussex St Sydney 2000, NSW Australia
02 92643211 (Alison)
Opening hours: 
Lunch: 12.00noon - 2.30pm; Dinner: 6.00pm - 11.00pm except Sunday 6.00pm - 10.30pm; Closed Good Friday and Christmas
Fully Licensed
Yes (bottled wine only)
$10 per bottle
Al fresco dining area: 
Closest station: Town Hall; Ferry to Cockle Bay (
Limited street parking or paid secure parking in Sussex St
Credit cards accepted: 
10% surcharge Sundays & public holidays
Vegetarian options: 



Springy’s - Crunchy vegetables tossed in subtle seasonings, wrapped in a fine pastry and snap fried. 2 per serve. 7
Curry Puff - Braised onions and diced potatoes blended with our mix of curry spices, wrapped in puff pastry. 2 per serve. 7
Satay Ayam and Beef Satay - Pre marinated tender fillets diced and served on skewers, with our own spicy peanut sauce. 2 per serve. 7
Parker’s Gems - Bite sized pieces of minced chicken blended with potatoes, coriander, silver thread noodles and special spices – lightly battered then snap fried. 4 per serve. 8.6
Lohbak - Minced chicken blended with a subtle 5 spice seasoning and wrapped in a bean curd skin and then fried or steamed. 2 rolls per serve. 8.6
Tofu Quartet - Tofu squares served with our own spicy peanut sauce. 8
Ella’s Wrap - A couple of plump prawns stuffed with minced prawns, herbs and vegetables sealed in a fine pastry and snap fried.2 per serve. 9
Golden Browns’ - Fresh wonton pastry filled with minced chicken, water chestnut, black fungus and spring onions. Snap fried. 4 per serve. 7

Hot ‘n’ Sour - Tofu, shredded black fungus, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and preserved cabbage in a spicy egg-blend soup. 8.5
Corn Soup - A hearty sweet corn egg-blend chowder with chicken
and a sprinkle of spring onion. 8.5
Laksa Tong - Our piquant spicy coconut curry soup with seasonal
vegetables. 8.5
Wonton Broth - Plump house-made wontons filled with minced chicken, water chestnut, black fungus and served with choy sum in a clear chicken broth sprinkled with spring onions. 9.5


Soup noodles
Curry Laksa - Fine strands of vermicelli and soft hokkien noodles, tossed with fried bean curd puff, slices of fish cake, chicken and sugar snap peas in a piquant spicy coconut curry soup. 16.5
Chicken Laksa 16.5
Seafood Laksa - With plump prawns, fishcake and rockling fillet. 21
Chinta Soup - Soft hokkien noodles with sliced chicken, prawns and bean shoots. Served in a chicken broth finished with a sprinkle of dried onions. 16.5

Fried noodles
Hokkien Char - Soft cooked hokkien noodles gently simmered in a dark soy sauce with slices of fish cake, rockling fillet, bak choy and prawns. 17.5
Sambal Mee Hoon - Rice vermicelli wok-fried in a light chilli paste with prawns, chicken and egg. Lightly spiced. 16.5
FKT aka Fried Kway Teow - Wok-fried rice noodles with fish cake, prawns, egg and bean shoots. Lightly spiced. 17.5
Mee Goreng (Indian Style) - Hokkien noodles wok-tossed with a blend of spices, diced bean curd, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, egg and prawns. 16.5
Sing Mai Fun aka Singapore Mee Hoon - Rice vermicelli wok-fried with barbecued chicken, egg and bean shoots. Lightly spiced. 16.5
Vegetarian Hokkien Noodles or Rice Vermicelli - Fresh seasonal greens tossed with hokkien noodles or rice vermicelli in a dark thick soy sauce. 16.5
Kon Loh Mee Hoon or Hokkien Noodles - Rice vermicelli or hokkien noodles blanched with a sweet soya sauce, topped with a choice of curry chicken, beef rendang, soya sauce chicken or roast duck. 17.5

Nasi Lemak Campur - Fragrant coconut rice with a portion of chicken curry, beef rendang or lamb curry. Served with sliced egg, achar salad,peanuts and sambal bilis. 17
Nasi Goreng -Spicy traditional Malay-style fried rice with chicken, egg, sambal and bean shoots, finished with dry shallots. 15
Special Fried Rice - Traditional Chinese-style fried rice with barbecued chicken, egg and bean shoots.15
Soya Sauce Chicken Rice - Quarter Chicken served with steamed rice and bak choy. 17
Roast Duck Rice - Quarter Duck served with steamed rice and bak choy. 17
Roast Duck or Soya Sauce Chicken - 1/2 Roast Duck or Soya Sauce Chicken with bak choy. 22
Steamed Rice (per person) 3
Coconut Rice (per person) 3.3

Sambal Prawns - Fresh prawns in a light chilli paste with onion and tomato. 27.8
Chilli Prawns - Fresh prawns topped with an egg-blend sweet chilli sauce. 27.8
Garlic Prawns - Fresh prawns and snow peas sautéed in an egg blend sauce. 27.8
Assam Prawns - Fresh prawns in a spicy tangy tamarind flavoured sauce with tomatoes, string beans and pineapple pieces. 27.8
Ginger Prawns - Plump wok-tossed prawns with fresh ginger root and spring onions. 27.8

Assam Fish - Rockling fillets simmered in a delicious spicy tangy tamarind flavoured sauce with tomatoes, string beans and pineapple pieces. 25.8
Soya Sauce Fish - Rockling fillets flavoured with a mix of ginger, coriander and onions. 25.8
Sambal Fish - Rockling fillets in a light chilli paste with onion and tomato. 25.8
Chilli Fish - Rockling fillets topped with an egg-blend sweet chilli sauce. 25.8

Sambal Chicken Chicken fillets in a light chilli shrimp paste with onion and tomato. 22
Ayam Blues - Lightly battered chicken fillets, wok tossed in a subtle tangy mayonnaise coating infused with lemon juice and tomato sauce. 23
Ayam Ria - Chicken fillets, diced and wok-tossed in a blend of spices, fresh ginger root, dry red chillies and finished with crisp carrot slices and snow peas. 22
Ayam Broccoli - Chicken fillets stir-fried with broccoli and Hua Tiao Chinese wine. 22
Curry Chicken - Chicken fillets in an aromatic sauce of curry paste and coconut milk. 23
Red Temple Chicken - Chicken roulade smothered with a lightly spiced red sauce of chilli, lemon grass, coconut, garlic and tomatoes. 25
Tofu Chinta - Fresh tofu wok-tossed with pounded chilli, garlic, minced chicken, onions, char choy and chilli bean sauce. 16

Curry Lamb (Red) - Diced loin of lamb, curry, potatoes and coconut milk. 23

Beef Rendang - Slow cooked beef chunks in curry paste and coconut milk. 23
Beef Ria - Diced beef fillets wok-tossed in a delicious combination of spices, fresh ginger root, garlic and dry red chillies, finished with crisp carrot slices and snow peas. 22
King Toh Beef - Thin strips of beef lightly floured and wok seared then tossed with onion in chef’s special blend sauce. 23

Gado Gado - Steamed beanshoots, shredded cabbage, tofu and cucumber dressed with our spicy peanut sauce and garnished with egg slices and pappadams. 16
Taugeh Goreng - Bean shoots tossed with crispy carrot slices. 13.5
Mixed Vegetables - Mushrooms, snow peas, baby corn, seasonal vegetables 16
Sambal Spinach - Spinach tossed in a light chilli prawn paste. 16
Kari Sayur (Vegetarian Curry) 16
Tofu Ria - Steamed sliced bean curd served with shallots in a delicate oyster sauce. 13.5

Roti - Flaky bread influenced by Malay Indians. 4.9
Roti Kari - Roti with a choice of chicken, lamb or beef curry. 17

Ikan melodikan melody - lightly spiced fresh fish of the day pan-tossed with onions, curry leaves, lemongrass then simmered in a coconut broth of eggplant, greenbeans & tomatoes 28.5
Blakey’s beef… - cubed scotch fillet wok-tossed with garlic, onions,chopped chillies flavoured with a splatter of fish, soy
& Mushroom sauce 28.5
Toby’s pepper bird - lightly panfried chicken fillets marinated with a mix of shredded lemongrass stalks, birds chillies, garlic & a dash of viet’s sauce nestled on
Zhong leaves 24.5
Satchmo’s squid - whole squid lightly battered then sauteed in a sweet tamarind based sauce 28.5
Mingus scallops - scallops tossed in butter with a sprinkle of curry powder,chopped chilli shallots and curry leaves. Finished with a dash of ginger juice. Served with asparagus 28.5
Sassy’s duck - braised duck flavoured with a fermented red rice
Marinade then wok-tossed with spinach in traditional chinese wine and spices 28.5
Udang merah aka red prawns - fresh prawns sauteed with red spiced sauce (chilli, lemongrass,galangal, garlic & tomato paste) 28 .5
Ayam jo-get - diced chicken fillet sauteed with tumeric, kaffir lime leaves, fresh lemongrass & a dash of lime juice 26.5
Summer baits - white baits lightly battered, snap fried and tossed with our mix of salt, sugar, spice seasoning, diced onion and spring onion 24.5


Sparkling wine (150ml glass/bottle)
Chinta ria sparkling wine, murray darling, sa - A bouncy, fruity bubbly for any party or occasion. 6.5 28
Blue pyrenees vintage brut, pyrenees, vic - Lively and fresh with lemon and toasty nut characters complimented by soft gentle bubbles. 8 36
Nv stefano lubiana brut, granton, tas - Creamy texture with hints of honey and toasty oak. Fine beads, a vigorous mousse with a dry clean finish. 51

White wine
Chinta ria chardonnay, hunter valley, nsw - Citrus and peach flavours with balanced subtle oak, a refreshing and crisp finish.6.5 28
Pikes riesling, clare valley, sa - Delicate lime & citrus fruit flavours with mineral tinges and a fresh crisp acidity. 8 37
Henschke julius riesling, eden valley, sa - Fragrant floral and citrus blossoms with delicious lavender and lime flavours. 45
Cockfighters ghost verdelho, hunter valley, nsw - Tropical fruit characters with generous melon and warm honey flavours and a clean fresh finish. 7 30
Coriole chenin blanc, mclaren vale, sa - Fresh and aromatic with melon, grapefruit and passionfruit. Perfect for spicy foods. 7 30
Cockfighter’s ghost semillon, hunter valley, nsw - A fresh and elegant wine in an unwooded contemporary style with citric tones. 7 30
Spy valley pinot gris, marlborough, nz - Ripe pears and stewed apple with underlying custard note, giving a wonderful balance, length and sweetness. 41
Spy valley gewurztraminer, marlborough, nz - Lifted aromas of rose petal and turkish delight. A rich and well rounded finish with some fruit sweetness. 36
Leeuwin estate siblings sauvignon blanc semillon, margaret river, wa - Fresh, zesty passionfruit & spice with a flint edge. Lifted floral lychee aromas finishing long & clean. 8.5 38
See saw, semillion sauvignon blanc, hunter valley/marlborough, nsw/nz - Fresh and lively. Hints of passionfruit & citrus. Intense lemon & lime fruit with a clean refreshing acidity. 7.5 34
Nepenthe sauvignon blanc, adelaide hills, sa - Tropical fruits, passionfruit and guava supported by a herbaceous long and generous palate. 7.5 34
Vavasour sauvignon blanc, marlborough, nz - Crisp and powerful passionfruit and peach flavours. Suited to chicken/seafood dishes. 39
Chapel hill unwooded chardonnay, mclaren vale, sa - Herbaceous nose with floral overtones and a buttery palate. 30
Juniper crossing margaret river chardonnay, margaret river, wa - An abundance of peach and melon, hints of lemon and smooth vanillin oak. 7.5 34
Crittenden estate chardonnay, mornington peninsula, vic - Restrained fragrance of figs and melons, giving a mouthfilling savouriness and acidity. 43

Red wine
Chinta ria shiraz, hunter valley, nsw - Medium bodied. Spicy plum fruit characters with soft fine grained tannins. 6.5 28
Trentham ‘victorian range’ pinot noir, mornington peninsula, vic - Rounded and long mellow berry flavours balanced by fine french oak tannins. 8.5 37
Stefano lubiana primavera pinot noir, granton, tas - A soft aromatic wine with hints of vanilla & raspberries. A rich intense dark fruit finish with good balance. 45
Knappstein cabernet merlot, clare valley, sa - Ripe mulberry and blackberry flavours with hints of coffee. 7.5 34
Pepper tree merlot, south eastern australia, nsw/sa - Mullberry and blackberry aromas, fruit driven, soft and round with lingering vanillin oak. 7.5 34
Paxton aaa shiraz grenache, mclaren vale, sa - Attractive lifted fruit aromas of red berries. Silky tannins and a lingering savoury yet balanced palate. 36
Innocent bystander sangiovese merlot, king valley/yarra valley, vic - Poached raspberries and savoury notes with tight fine tannin, medium length and weight. 35
Turners crossing shiraz viognier, bendigo, vic - Intense ripe red and black fruits with complex spiciness. Persistent tannins with a lingering savoury palate. 37
Hollick shiraz cabernet sauvignon, coonawarra, sa - Medium to full bodied. Juicy and subtle displaying intense ripe berry fruits. Long persistent palate. 7.5 34
Montgomery’s hill cabernet sauvignon, great southern, wa - Mixed fruit aromas of blackberry, plum and cherry on the palate, characteristic of a cabernet sauvignon. 7.5 34
Nugan estate cabernet sauvignon, coonawarra, sa - Fresh aromas of blackcurrant, rich chocolate and raspberry layered with velvety tannins. 37
Frankland estate isolation ridge shiraz, frankland river, wa - Dark fruit flavours of plum, prune and black olive, with good length and rich toasted oak. 44
Hugo shiraz, mclaren vale, sa - An elegant wine of subtle velvety plum and cherry fruit with attractive vanillin oak tannins. 8 37

Dessert wine (60ml glas/bottle)
Juniper estate cane cut riesling, margaret river, wa (375ml) 7.5 43
Cookoothama botrytis semillon, darlington point, nsw (375ml) 6.5 34
Stanton & killeen tawny port, rutherglen, vic (500ml) 7 50

Australian beer
Hahn super dry 6
Cascade premium light 5
Victorian beer 5.5
James squire pilsener 6
Crown lager 6
James boags premium 6
Tooheys extra dry 6
Cascade premium 6
Coopers pale ale 6

Imported beer 7.5
Tsing tao (china)
Tiger (singapore)
Singha (thailand)
Corona (mexico)
Heineken (holland)
Kirin (japan)

Liqueurs 7

Spirits 7
Absolut vodka
Gordon’s london dry gin
Johnnie walker red
Southern comfort
Jim beam bourbon
Bundaberg rum
Remy brandy
Jack daniels

Soft drinks
Coke 3.5
Coke zero 3.5
Lemonade 3.5
Diet coke 3.5
Spring water 3.5
Splitrock (330ml) 3.5
Grapefruit soda 4
Lipton ice lemon tea 4
Lemon, lime & bitters 4
Lemon squash 4
Orange juice 4
Apple juice 4
Pineapple juice 4
Tomato juice 4.5
Cranberry juice 4.5
San pellegrino (500ml) 6

Coffee 3.5
Short black
Long black
Flat white

Chinese tea 2.5
Jasmine tea 2.8
Chamomile 3.5
Lemon 3.5
Peppermint 3.5
English breakfast 3.5
Earl grey 3.5

Menu date: 
June 2009; *please note menu may not be complete or current